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I’m tired of big government’s ever growing threat to our lives and to our liberties. Texas can continue to lead the way by securing our individual liberties, by protecting the sanctity of life, by supporting our strong conservative values, and by empowering our free market economy. Austin needs citizens who are willing to stand for true conservatism.

While our country has been hit hard financially, Texas has maintained a more robust economy than other states because of our principles of low taxes and regulations. Texas must further foster a business climate that is predictable and appealing to businesses of all sizes. I will support a vibrant free market economy where government is not in the business of picking winners and losers. I am determined to repeal the business margins tax and will oppose government corporate handouts and subsidies.

I will not simply pay lip service with a vague call for limited government; too many politicians already do that. State representatives can no longer simply try to slow down government growth. As conservative Republicans, we must draw a line in the sand and say no more. Now is the time to push back against the liberal agenda and work to shrink government and increase our individual liberties. I intend to go to Austin to fight for limited government and for a return to a the constitutional role of governance. I will preserve a robust Rainy Day Fund, will support a constitutional limit of spending capped to the growth of population and inflation, and will cut non-essential and duplicative government programs.

Since my doctor recommended that I abort my second daughter due to health concerns, I have known that I am pro-life. My daughter has blessed me with two lovely grandchildren so far. As your representative, I will work to strengthen the gains that Texas has made in protecting the health of mothers and their unborn children.

I believe in the rule of law and will support efforts to increase border security to ensure our homeland security. Where the federal government has faltered, Texas must lead by increasing the role of Texas law enforcement (e.g., Rangers), by adopting advanced technologies, and by conducting targeted operations, so that crime rates decrease and our border is more secure. Texas should prevent hard-earned taxpayer dollars from benefiting illegal immigrants. While some individuals break our laws to seek freedom and prosperity, many others are criminals, cartel members, drug runners, hostile internationals, and human traffickers. These border violators must be stopped BEFORE they enter our country. I believe our legislators would take immediate action to secure the border if they saw for themselves the unreported plight of our Texas citizens living under constant threat to their lives and their property. This issue is not about cheap labor and political ideology. It is about life and death and the rule of law. Read about my firsthand experience witnessing the consequences of illegal immigration when I joined with the Border Patrol and Texas Border Volunteers as a civilian observer.

Read Mary’s firsthand account of her time with the Texas Border Volunteers at this link. | Outside of family and church, I believe our education system is the most important influence on our children. Our economic competitiveness depends greatly upon a well-educated citizenry. So I believe our hard-earned money should be spent in the classroom to benefit our children — not to the benefit education bureaucrats. Teachers should have the freedom to develop each child’s God-given attributes and abilities instead of just teaching to a test. The 83rd Legislature passed some important education reforms, and I will continue that work. I strongly oppose a one-size-fits-all education system that imposes top-down curricula while taking away local control from parents, teachers, and school boards. The federal government should respect its constitutional responsibility and not intrude into our state’s education system. Programs like CSCOPE and Common Core have no place in Texas classrooms. All curricula and lesson planning platforms (including those online) should fall under the supervision of the State Board of Education. I believe children should have the ability to benefit from well-performing public schools, from school choice, from charter schools, and from homeschooling.

I am a lifetime member of the NRA and a steadfast supporter of the 2nd Amendment. While responsible gun ownership and hunting are important, our right to bear arms, at its core, is the greatest check against unconstitutional and oppressive government. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “no free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” I support the passage of open-carry and campus-carry legislation.

One of the greatest dangers to the Texas Miracle is its unfunded public pension liabilities. Both the state and local governments have pledged large pension benefits while neglecting to pay for these promises. Unfortunately, our government entities are trading fiscal stability for political gains. I believe that we must first stop the bleeding with respect to local pension funds. We must allow local government the ability to move to a defined contribution plan (e.g., 401K) rather than the defined benefit plans mandated by the Texas legislature. I will sponsor and advocate for “home rule” legislation to allow, by statute, local governments choice in deciding which type of pension plan is best for their communities.

The federal government has Texas in its crosshairs. Our state’s sovereignty, as guaranteed in the 10th Amendment, is at stake. I will oppose Washington power grabs in violation of our state’s rights. Effective government is limited government at the local level — not overseen by bureaucrats in DC. I will stand strong against efforts by Washington to limit our liberties and further place us in debt.

Nobody should have to rent their owned property from the government. Property taxes have become an unfair burden for many Texans. I will work to reduce or eliminate property taxes. Since the Kelo Supreme Court decision, Texas has passed laws against eminent domain abuse. I will further defend our property rights by supporting legislation that 1) ensures government takings are strictly for public use as constitutionally required; 2) gives Texas property owners the ability to repurchase their eminent-domain seized property if it’s not ultimately for public use; 3) applies property rights protections to municipalities as well as counties so that all Texans have the same remedy against eminent domain abuse.

I have been an outspoken critic of the public-private partnerships (P3s) that TxDOT and the Texas Legislature have supported. When government gets into business with private entities, it is usually at the expense of the taxpayer. Conservative state legislatures defeated efforts during the 83rd session to require Texas taxpayers to repay private operators and to offload state highway road maintenance costs to 59 cities. This unfunded mandate from the state assaulted the sovereignty of our cities and counties. In District 129, we have constant road work, and there’s discussion of making 288 a toll road; as your state representative, I will be vigilant against further taxpayer abuse and intrusions into local municipalities.

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